6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Medical Software Hosting On An Australian Private Cloud Server. (VPS)


All of us has faced the prospect of replacing our medical practice I.T server with some trepidation. Unfortunately when it starts to slow down and come to a grinding halt, there is always more temptation to put off what seems like enormus and expensive task

Due to the high up-front costs involved and the disruption to your clinic’s operational services, the real risk of data loss or corruption, as well as the challenges of reinstalling and setting up your practice management software, are just some of the reasons you have been delaying the migration and upgrades.

However, not replacing the server will greatly increase the risk of the whole practice computer system completely failing and then still having to do the upgrade after long periods of downtime, the pressure of time and without access to patient records can be a huge impact on your buisness.

Then of course, there is the planned, calm, precise and cost efficient way to do things. Removing most of the overall stress.

A large part of this latter way, is having your practice management software transferred over and hosted on a private cloud server, stored in a secure Australian datacentre and managed by specialists in the field of medical software hosting.

So what does using a private cloud server (often called a VPS hosting solution) offer medical practices, over the traditional (client/server) model of purchasing and running your practice software on your own server hardware?

1. There are No up-front equipment and server costs

Private cloud servers provide a service that comes with a monthly subscription. This means that you receive access to an already pre built functioning hosted computer system at all times just by paying a monthly fee, as opposed to purchasing your own hardware located in your office and taking on the responsibility of management and the cost to set it up, and then comes future maintainance and troubleshooting when things go wrong.

2. Scalability of your Business

A VPS server will allow you to add or reduce the capatcity of your server as your business grows. This means your IT system and the associated costs involved are always in line with the size of your practice. If you decided to open a second practice or take on more rooms a VPS cloud based solution can always be expanded to meet your needs as you grow.

3. Increased productivity

A convenient and reliable I.T system that can be accessed remotley from multiple locations, will save time and greatly increase productivity within your medical practice. A virtual private server is fully supported by our datacentre technical staff and therefore your medical practice software will always run smoothly and files are always accessable from any location.

4. Provides total peace of mind

Mitigating your medical practice risk is a key responsibility of healthcare providers, operating a insecure and unreliable I.T systems being a primary source of increased risk. Use of a virtual private server will bring you high levels of data security, reliability and disaster recovery plans, and so keeping the focus on your patients, rather than the computer system. Also knowing that your software and data is managed remotley and securely by reliable IT professionals at any given time, will give you more peace of mind and give you more time to focus on your patients

5. Fixed monthly pricing

Hosting your medical software and data within on a VPS server means you will receive one invoice per month thats going to cover all aspects of your I.T and computer system including;

  • Software licensing
  • antivurs and security
  • data and server backups
  • 24/7 remote helpdesk support
  • Covers all your datacentre fees

This makes budgeting and furture planning for your internal I.T requirements so much easier and the ongoing costs more predictable.

6. Data Sovereignty

The location of where your data is stored is becoming more important every day with different countries adopting different privacy legislation. Lets look at the U.S for example. Hosting medical data requires servers to be HIPAA compliant. In most professions it is either recommended or required by law that you store your data within an Australian datacentre. By using an Australian-based hosting provider that offers assurances and contracts in writing, that all data is kept on Australian shores, you will ensure that your information and your patient’s files never leave the Australia and become vulnerable to interception by spying eyes.

Medical Hosting Australia is one such specialist provider, we offer premium virtual private cloud servers and hosting to Australian GPs, specialists and other healthcare providers.

Medical Hosting Australia understands your medical software and the best way to host it secure envronment, reliably and cost effectively. Our datacentre facility in Sydney is world class and backed by one of Australia’s largest hosting operators TPPWholesale.


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