7 ways the cloud can help you solve daily heatlhcare business problems.


All of us want to get more out of day at work. Coffee can be a big help but here are some ways cloud services are streaching things out for everyone in the technology sector. Medical cloud hosting has helped thoudands of heathcare professionals provide better care for patients.

1. The cloud maximises your time

Finding small pockets of time in our day is like striking gold! As a business owner we are being productive but waiting for long periods of time in airport lounge or travelling home on the train can be very frustrating if we can’t get to the office. Many of us have laptops but if you can’t get to your software and data when moving around it’s nowhere near as useful.

2. Keeping us professional

Being able to check on things whenever we need to helps us remain professional most of the time and have all the relevant information and access to data with us. We can answer questions such as, What were those statistics? Which company sent us the last proposal? What invoice are we supposed to be paying tomorrow? We’ll make less mistakes if we have access to our business tools and data whenever we need them.

3. Ensures that we don’t lose information

Data and information is critical and yet fragile enough that it can be lost or purged with a single slip of the finger or mouse click. However, using cloud technology means that our critical information is there for us even if we change or remove it due to the one click restore process. The sales proposal five minutes before a presentation, that spreadsheet that has taken hours for you to perfect, the carefully drafted legal contracts with our new business partner – if you lose that data then we also lose money.

4. Protection of our data assets

We want our company data to be kept safe but its hard to prevent fire, flood, vandalism, burglary, disgruntled staff and power outages without over spending time and money. If this happens to you, bad luck, reach for that insurance policy agreement and pray for the best. Professionals who use cloud computing however know that their information is always safe garurded because they are using purpose built data-centres run by a trained I.T professional.

5. Increases processesing speed

A business needs to share distributed data to connect staff members and business processes as well as keep us all focused on progressing key tasks. We have all travelled beyond the confines of the office to see clients and patients, meet suppliers or travel between home and the office we were disconnected from our business networks Now the cloud has enabled us to access real time sharing of information. Data entered centrally in real time allows other people within the business to react and involve themselves in the business process on the spot.

6. Money saving.

Cloud computing is the best business model that provides the I.T resources you require for a fixed monthly fee. There are no surprises, no hidden costs and no hardware or equipment upgrades. The certainty of the fixed monthly subscription means we are able to budget and plan for possible other costs sure in the knowledge that we won’t have an I.T expense blowout! With new centralised applications and data managed within the cloud I.T experts then all we have to manage is the local I.T equipment such as laptops and printers. In most cases once an onsite device is causing significant problems its will be cheaper to replace than fix the device.

7. More personal time

So many business owners struggle to get away and have a holiday. There are times when a business needs its owner to the point where they can’t seem to take a decent week or two away from a busy lifestyle. However by remaining in touch with the critical issues remotley from any Internet connection for around 30 minutes a day this gives us the rest of the time being able to take that well earned time off on a holiday, beach restort or on the golf course.

Medical cloud hosting

Utilising applications in the cloud ticks so many boxes when it comes to improving your work/life balance.
Medical cloud hosting is being more and more every day by healthcare professionals around the world.
Hosting Medical data in the cloud also insures the saftey of your data because it can be restored instantly with a single phone call.

Hosting medical data in the coloud also means you can access your patient data from anywhere in the case of an emergency. Storing your medical health records in the cloud also means you can work from alternate locations without the need to keep the data on your personal laptop and risk a breach if it gets lost or stolen.

Medical practice software such as “Medical Director” & Pracsoft can all be stored and accssed from the cloud making hosting your medical data simplified.


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